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Re: NTSC Legalacy Formats

>In a message dated 98-02-18 07:39:25 EST, Rich wrote:
Most VTRs work better with burst also - many TBCs have lock problems
>when the vtr is playing back a tape without burst. That used to cause us
>headaches at HBO  because Cinemax had so many classic B&W features and the
>TBC-2b's were finicky. >>
 We helped spoil their day
>because we decided to put subcarrier on b&w tapes--we needed it to edit!  I
>doubt many TV stations still turn burst off for monochrome material today, but
>who knows, there may be one or two left somewhere that do.
As the "keeper of the legacy" we constantly are dealing with these issues -
and perhaps the most frustrating part is that some of the new equipment
does not like to take video without burst - period- and if it gets a signal
without burst - it has the indignity to put it on without even asking
permission!  When doing preservation work we like to have B&W work without
burst - but depending on the destination format, sometimes it is just not
possible because the TBC on the output side very nicely puts it on even
though it was not recorded with it.... so it is recorded without burst but
you can't tell because you can't play it back that way.  Even more
frustrating, some machines like our D3 AJD-340 refuses to turn off burst
even when we set burst to OFF on the menu.  No kidding - the menu says off
but it does not cut burst.  The AJD-350 seems to understand the concept
however - and of course our VPR1A's, AVR-3's, AVR-2's and other denisons of
the deep past all understand the concept quite well thank you!


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