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Re: POP Sale to 4MC

On Feb 19, 17:14, Bill Hogan wrote:
} Subject: POP Sale to 4MC

> Well Rob and Mike Orton at POP....Why so Quite?

Quite so, why?  :]

> The Sale to 4MC has closed and you have new owners.  Any Comments?

Bill, my comments are that I've worked at some post-production
facilities in my career (details at
http://www.alegria.com/robhome.html) and consider P.O.P. to be an
absolutely first-rate facility, and a wonderful place to work with my
clients.  4MC promises to support, continue, and improve P.O.P.'s
position, which is all that I could ask for.  I know this sounds like
public relations-speak, but it's that simple, for me.

...now back to watching Michelle Kwan and Le Chen.

--Rob Lingelbach
Senior Colorist, Pacific Ocean Post
Santa Monica, CA USA

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