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Re: POP Sale to 4MC

At 5:14 PM 2/19/98, Bill Hogan wrote:
>Well Rob and Mike Orton at POP....Why so Quite?
>The Sale to 4MC has closed and you have new owners.  Any Comments?
>The Full details can be found at:
This has actually been so long in coming it was a bit of an anti-climax..

I think all the folks at POP, telecine or otherwise, are looking forward to
access to the resources that Gavin Schutz and 4MC bring to the party (and I
dont just mean money).

Everything that we know about our new partners suggests that they temper
our business with huge amounts of common sense, but not so much as to
stifle the impressive "creative atmosphere" (read: really nice people)
which pervades POP.

I'm betting Mr. Schutz & Co. will just as carefully consider the merits of
non-traditional business plans and developments, which have been the
mainstay of POP in the past. Speaking for myself, I enjoy a good reality
check every now and then, common knowledge on the TIG!

Anyway, I've known Gavin for quite a while, and you know, for an

Short answer: its cool by me!

Mike (no PR-speak here) Orton

P.S. Why the deafening silence out in TIG land about the shake-up at Cintel
Inc.? That's of far greater import to TIG'rs than our very low-key
proceedings out by the beach.

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