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Indian Head Test Chart

Hello all......

I have a friend trying to make some art work that involves using an old
Indian Head test chart. I don't even remember what this chart was
specifically for, save that I remember the tone that accompanied it on my
folk's TV. If ANYONE could scan it and email it to me, I would be in debt.
Or, if there is some source where I coud actually buy one ( could this be
possible?) I would love to know.....

On a different note........

Hey whose ready to plunk down that 1/2 mil on a new DaVinci? anybody want to
set up a shootout for that new wing-ding? I hope the masses are buying HD
sets like mad when they first come out, because methinks all of us will be
paying for them to be a bit cheaper with all of the arm twisting going

Happy knob twisting,


Craig Leffel
Senior Colorist
Optimus, Inc.
Chicago, IL  60611
acleffel at mindspring.com

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