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Re: Heads rolling at Cintel

>I'll tell you, those visionary leaders who have purchased the Philips
>Spirit recently are looking downright clairvoyant right about now.

Actually, it seems like the people who plunked down 2 Miliion bucks 
without waiting to see what else is out there are sweating.  Whether the 
Spirit, C-Reality ,both  or neither is the final answer will be 
determined in the coming year.  If you've got a Spirit now and it becomes 
the machine of choice, in a year half the facilities in town will have 
one.  Worst case scenario (which I don't see happening, the Spirit is too 
good a machine) facilities with a Spirit are left with a 2 Million dollar 
coffe table.

Until DTV and HDTV become a client mandated reality I think most 
facilities with Ursa Diamonds will wait until all the cards are on the 
table.  If Cintel can keep all their promises, which I know many out 
there doubt, than C-Reality will be a machine to be reckoned with.  If 
not than at least the Spirit will probably come down in price in the face 
of the competition. Either way, unless you feel a need to deliver HD or 
2K signals now, I see no reason to commit to one machine or the other 
without getting the whole picture first.

Thanks all,

Chris Ryan
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