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Re: Heads rolling at Cintel

Bob Festa wrote:
> >I'll tell you, those visionary leaders who have purchased the Philips
> >Spirit recently are looking downright clairvoyant right about now.

Thanks Bob. Allthough you don't need to be clairvoyant to recognize it
is a dead end to carry 60's technology into the new millenium. Also you
don't need a week-end a a pile of Pizza's to see the difference in
picture quality. As one of our colorist's said on first time encounter:
"Jeeze,- It looks like a perfectly projected print."

Chris Ryan wrote:

> Actually, it seems like the people who plunked down 2 Miliion bucks
> without waiting to see what else is out there are sweating.

Actually it is a lot closer to 1 million than 2 and the main reason for
us sweating is because it is hard work to pull Hippi cables over
rooftops. Having own a couple of Morris Mini's it is with some sentiment
I see the English going down with the remains of the Empire sitting on
CRT tubes, D1's and a pile of Black boxes. I can hear them shout as they
sink: "8 bit rounded is more correct than 12" or "8 bit D1's are better
than 10 bit Digi Betas..." or "CRT's have a film look that is not even
on the film...". BTW. Isn't the Klone a CCD device? 

Philips claims 65% market share for '97. This might be somewhat
optimistic, but think about that every time they sell a Spirit, Cintel
does not sell a Diamond. This has got to drain the development recources
for the C-reality. The only people making money here are the ones who
sell an upgrade to "Diamond", meaning TKI and Scandall. Cintel has used
and is using a lot or recources to make a color corrector and personally
I think they should have concentrated all of them on the box. Also
Philips has got a working, finished, developed product and can easily
adjust the price when needed. Please also take SONY into account. Their
engineering recources are huge and their HD Telecine might be there
before the C-reality is even close to working.

For general information: We have now got the DaVinci running with the
Data output. Allthough "in and out points" still need to be fixed it is
running very well & stable. Next is the Inferno Spirit capture and
working LOG files. 

Best regards

Kris, Destiny-601 & The Warehouse, Copenhagen.

Thanks to Craig Heyl of Crawford Communications in 1998.
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