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Newer is Better?

>Allthough you don't need to be clairvoyant to recognize it
>is a dead end to carry 60's technology into the new millenium.
Hmm, seems to me that this that the question in regards to newer,
better, technology of the new millennium should be 'What can do the job
best?' not 'When was it discovered?'  The prospect of C-Reality doing
RGB full bandwidth scans at 2k x 1500 is 'better' than current trends.
That is if Cintel can bring it to market in a meaningful form.

As to carrying 'dead' technology forward, we will still view all this on
CRT's (1930's) while transferring Film images (late 19th century) We
still talk about on our telephones (1870's) or maybe just write notes
with pen and paper (4th millennia BC).

For all this 'dead' technology, we're doing pretty dang good. The point
is, there is still room for improvement, even in CRT scanning systems.

Ron Martin
HD Telecine Center
Universal Studios
(YES, we use a HD CRT scanning system; YES it looks as good as the
Spirit; NO, I don't work for Cintel or Phillips!!!)

Thanks to Craig Heyl of Crawford Communications in 1998.
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