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MNR 11 problems

We have 2 MNR 11 noise reduction units, and they both have an apparent
problem with the framestore or store control. At speeds other than 30
(NTSC) or 25 (PAL),
The unit inserts the previous film frame for 1 field after the current
frame. We call it "The 2 steps forward 1 step back look (tm)". This
problem seemms to be intermittent, or related to settings on the unit
that may be changed. BTS says they know about it, and the solution is to
convert back to a MNR10. I have heard rumors from other people that if
you set particular setting a certain way, it will cause this. Conversely
if I knew which settings, I could avoid them. Thanks in advance for any

Vince Forcier
Director of Engineering
Roland House Inc.
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