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It is true that some SMPTE 16mm tset films are not available at
this time.  They are not exactly out of print, though.  The original
vendor/manufacturer of these films has left the business, and it is
an extremely long and arduous process to find and qualify another

The films affected are the 16mm sound prints, specifically:


SMPTE still hopes to locate and qualify another vendor for these 
films, but this could take months.

One suggestion is to contct Anne Seminara at SMPTE headquarters
in NY (914-761-1100).  She used to run the test films purchasing
department and although she is retired now, she may be in the
office one or two days per week.

She can be effective in tracking down obscure sources of old test
materials.  Also, she would have the records of who would have
purchased these films and so might help you find someone willing
to part with them.

Thanks to Ed Schuller of SMPTE for giving me the above info.

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Thanks to Craig Heyl of Crawford Communications in 1998.
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