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Re: Newer is Better?

Ron Martin wrote:
> As to carrying 'dead' technology forward, we will still view all this on
> CRT's (1930's) while transferring Film images (late 19th century) We
> still talk about on our telephones (1870's) or maybe just write notes
> with pen and paper (4th millennia BC).
OK. And Formula One race cars of today can do in excess of 200 miles 
per hour while the Indy 500 of (I believe) 1920 or so was won by an 
F1 forebear doing the then incredible speed of 55 MPH!!

Just an FYI from my non-technical self.  We just transferred an early 
1960's industrial film (usual quality of a fourth generation dupe neg 
from the original ekta) that was faded to an almost monochromatic
magenta.  The film was also a mess of continuous positive cell 
scratches and positive cell and emulsion digs caused by the thousands 
of AV Club members hands threading and projecting on hundreds of 
poorly maintained public school projectors.  Just for the heck of it, 
we did the transfer on both our Ursa and Spirit. 

We got much better color rendition and image clarity from the Spirit 
AND 90% of the scratches were gone.  So why are we all fighting 
progress here?  

By the way, I still cook my food with fire (haven't gotten around to 
buying a microwave yet.)  However, I don't start my stove with two 
sticks or a flint.

Alan B. Rosenfeld
General Manager
SMA Video
Fax 212.941.0439

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