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Old technologies.

Hi there.

We are getting philosophical now.

Steven Gladstone wrote:

>So basically, you don't use a
>hammer of screw driver anymore?

You hit the nail right on the head Steven. Well, some technologies, like
hammering nails into wood, were solved perfectly some time ago.
Digitizing images is a new need and technology we are just getting
Tell me, are you the kind of person who thinks vinyl LP's sound better
then CD's? Do you prefer a BW TV set? Do you think an Edsel (or Mini
Metro) corners better then the new Accura? Do you think 360 5 1/4"
floppies are viable? Do you use a Commodore 64 or do you perfer a tube
based computer?

Well, frankly I do use a wet stone to sharpen my sushi knives, own a
Studebaker and hate cellular phones but that has nothing to do with
using the right techonlogy for the task.

Ron Martin wrote:

>The prospect of C-Reality doing
>RGB full bandwidth scans at 2k x 1500 is 'better' than current trends.
>That is if Cintel can bring it to market in a meaningful form.

To my opinion the prospect of pumping green tube light through a neg.
and then correcting like a madman for the error is wrong in itself.
Where do you see the "full bandwith"? The tube based "trend" is a relic
when dealing with a correct representation of the neg. especially if you
want to put it back on film (again what is used in the Klone?). It might
be argued that the Spirit has less color bandwith using 960 RGB CCD's
plus one 1920 luminance array. Our tests (compared to Genesis) tell us
different and the practical side wins hands down. Kodak who designed
both the Genesis and Spirit lens/CCD assambly claim no detectable
difference (We are trying to persue that claim to the hilt). What they
claimed is less image stability. Our tests at 17x zoom at verious speeds
& several split screen passes show an identical pixel match. If the
color res. becomes a theoretical issue I'm sure it can be changed to
please the purists. What is your comment Ralph?   

Best regards

Kris, Destiny-601 & The Warehouse, Copenhagen.

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