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DaVinci heat problems

I've just spent some considerable time chasing a very intermittent 
problem which presented for all the world as a bad cable/connector 
(green horizontal flashes, once every few minutes)
It turns out that these flashes were courtesy of DaVinci overheating 
because the fans (which blow air out) have filters on them which cannot
be removed for cleaning. Given that the air entering the DaVinci frame 
is not filtered these "output" filters get blocked and reduce airflow. 
I believe that DaVinci have addresssed this problem with later version
frames (our is about 18 months old), but be warned.
This post is in no way intended as a "flame" at DaVinci, or our local
agents (Quinto) who responded with commendable efficiency to the
rather I hope I am using this forum for one of it's intended purposes.
Check those filters guys!
Malcolm J. Todd
Omnicon Video
Sydney, Australia

Thanks to Craig Heyl of Crawford Communications in 1998.
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