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Betacam SP Secam

Hi all,
We are informed by our Sony man here that there is a Secam SP format.
Amongst our multitude of machines here, we don't have this one.
We also have a client needing to deliver to Poland and their instructions to
us include
the requirement of Secam.
Can this country (Poland) accept a Pal (or should I say, will they?) or is
there a Facility in Australia that can do this recording for us from a SP
We arer informed by a facility here that they send PALs but I wouldn't mind
confirmation, hopefully from a Polish TIGger.
I believe the receivers would be a Commercial Broadcaster.
Thanking anyone for a quick reply.

Peter Balfour
Icon Digital Post
Melbourne, Australia
biff at broadcast-rentals.com.au
ph: (61 3)   9646 6755
fx:  (61 3)   9646 6845

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