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Re: Betacam SP Secam


Betacam SP is a Analogue Component format, so the stuff recorded on tape is
not either PAL or SECAM, but a Component 625/50 format. When the tape plays
back then the encoder in the VTR would then encode the playback video into
either PAL or SECAM. We used to even have some of our SP's modified to
provide 4:2:2 Digital Component directly.

This means that there should be no difference between a PAL and SECAM SP tape.


Grant Petty
Digital Voodoo and Complete Post

PS. I am not affiliated with Sony, or the guy that invented PAL or SECAM,
or 4:2:2 or email software.

>Hi all,
>We are informed by our Sony man here that there is a Secam SP format.
>Amongst our multitude of machines here, we don't have this one.
>We also have a client needing to deliver to Poland and their instructions to
>us include
>the requirement of Secam.
>Can this country (Poland) accept a Pal (or should I say, will they?) or is
>there a Facility in Australia that can do this recording for us from a SP

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