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Re: Re: Betacam SP Secam


I don't know, the PAL units that had a TBC-12 board (BVW-75 Only), had the
data in a 4:2:2 format in the digital section of the TBC just before the
video was converted back to analogue.

BVW-75's without the TBC-12 Board could not do it. Sony was quite open
about this at the time, and I was told about it on the BVW-75 training

This is all from memory now, but there was a header type of connecter on
the TBC-12 board, and I think Sony had a mod kit to get this out to the
back of the VTR on a 25 Pin D-Type Connector with ECL Levels. I am unsure
of the NTSC units, because they could have had a completely different
design. We had an NTSC BVW-75 but I never looked at it in this way. This
was all a really long time ago. (4 years)

The big problem, was that you loose TBC level controls, as this is done in
the analogue section after the video has been converted from digital. This
was a real pain.

Is there a TBC-12 Board in an NTSC BVW-75 ?


Grant Petty.
Digital Voodoo and Complete Post.

>>We used to even have some of our SP's modified to
>>provide 4:2:2 Digital Component directly.
>Hmm, can this be done to my NTSC BVW-75?  Will it be more transparent
>(clean, quiet, whatever) than using an external A/D and D/A (like AJA)?
>Thanks for any info.
>John Snopes

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