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Hi Everyone,

I am really sorry about the blatantly marketing style signature at the end
of my last message, I forgot to switch to my other signature that I use for
TIG postings. I feel so ashamed, I am going to go stand in the corner now.


Digital Voodoo

D i g i t a l   V o o d o o.

Come see us at,
http://www.digitalvoodoo.net or,
mailto:info at digitalvoodoo.net

12 Thistlethwaite Street,
South Melbourne,
Victoria, Australia, 3205

Phone +61 (500) 888 831
Fax +61 (500) 888 832

Phone +61 (3) 9699 4633
Fax +61 (3) 9699 3226

Thanks to Ross Video for support in 1998.
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