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Re: Betacam SP Secam

Hi Peter,

like already mentioned by Grant Petty, there is definite no difference
between PAL and Secam when recorded onto Betacam SP in 625/50,
because it's component. The same answer is valid for digital 4:2:2 
The difference between PAL and Secam VTRs is the way they code
their colour information on the composite output of the VTR. Due to the
fact that this composite coder is fitted downstream and is either a PAL
or Secam device (and this is the difference), the signals that have been
recorded on the VTR remain component all the time.
So perform this record on your present Betacam SP, feeding your signal
through the (analog or digital) component input of the VTR. This tape 
should look perfect when being played back on a Betacam SP with Secam 
coded composite output in Poland. That's it!

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