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Re: Heads rolling at Cintel

In a message dated 98-02-22 23:04:07 EST, Bob writes:

<< Well I understand that heads have rolled at Cintel here in Los Angeles.
Unfortunately, this will be probably not change much in the near future in the
life of Cintel, but very symbolic that the heat is on for this company. [...]

Hi Bob,

From what I understand, they let go of a few higher-upper management types,
mostly in sales.  I would not infer that this is necessarily a bad sign:
Cintel has to be leaner and meaner if it wants to survive; they no longer have
Rank's deep pockets behind them.  To me, it would be more of a cause for
concern if they showed no signs of recognizing or adjusting to their new

<< Many of us have wondered why there was very little noticeable change in the
See Reality at IBC compared to the previous NAB unveiling. I guess we will see
what dramatic improvements have transpired since then at this years NAB. I
understand there will be two machines at Vegas, a high res version and a
525/625 machine. Are these the only Reality machines on the planet? Will they
be the last? >>

I think we can be reasonably certain that "C Reality" will eventually "B
Reality." The big problem Cintel has to overcome, as I see it, is the
perception that if the machine turns out to be inadequate or defective in some
way, they might not be around long enough to fix it.  People aren't going to
put up with years of upgrades, aftermarket mods, and tweaking the way they did
when the Mark III or Ursa were the only ballgames in town.  Not when they can
just go out and buy a Spirit and have something that works extremely well
right out of the box!  I think Cintel understands this too, and one of the
probable reasons they're pushed the C-Reality delivery date back a couple of
times already is because they don't want to "Ampex" themselves out of the

<< I'll tell you, those visionary leaders who have purchased the Philips
Spirit recently are looking downright clairvoyant right about now. >>

The Spirit is truly a fine machine, and I have nothing but the highest regard
for Philips and its engineering.  But I think it bad luck to declare yourself
the winner before the race has even started; there's still plenty of time for
the Spirit to turn out to be a white elephant.  How do we know the full
production version of C-Reality won't prove to be just as good, or maybe even
better?  I think the real winner is going to be the HD-Turbo, possibly the
Sony machine, or maybe something yet to be named.  My guess is that the real
money in this business will soon be in doing inexpensive but very high quality
transfers of old "Gilligan's Island" episodes, among other things, for all
those DVD players (which only handle standard definition at present) and
multiple channels of standard-definition digital broadcasting that are going
to be begging for content!

Christopher Bacon

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