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return receipts

On Feb 24, 14:09, nestor at kodak.com wrote:
} Subject: RE: Betacam SP Secam

> Return Receipt
>  Your        RE: Betacam SP Secam                                          
>  document:                                                                 
>  was         Nestor M Rodriguez/228914/MPTVI/EKC                           
> received by

this is unfortunate and a deep mystery for me right now.  "Return
Receipt" generators are quite insidious (and in my opinion,
unnecessary) on the net, but the ones propagated via the TIG
mailinglist today are badly misconfigured, as they appear to be
using the "To:" header to generate the reply address, instead of the
"From:" or "Reply-To" headers.  

What's really weird is that I've not seen this particular "Return
Receipt" problem recently, and it's coming from two different accounts
at very different hosts, kodak.com and 4mc.com.  It appears both are
using Lotus Notes..... hmmm, could it be that the original message had
a 'trigger' in the header that asked for a return receipt?  

If so, I'll have to write yet another filter for that.


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