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Re: Old technologies.

In a message dated 24/02/98  8:31:36, you write:

> ahem.  I not only think they sound better, I know they sound better.
>  :]  But DVD with a higher sampling rate than CD's shows promise.

Dear Rob,

I am shocked. However good vinyl sounds to people (some people) there really
is no rational basis for saying that you know they sound better. The music is
what counts either way, but vinyl puts a hell of a lot more crap between the
listener and the music. Have you ever seen what results when you measure vinyl
playback by digital standards? It is absolutely frightening. Perhaps most
relavant of all is the predominance of digital racording eqpt. Surely no one
would seriously advance the idea that a vinyl issue from a digital master
could outpoint a digital version. I love records too, but come on...

Adrian Thomas
London, UK

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