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"Cintel" web site

Members of the TIG will no doubt have noticed my earlier posting (outburst,
actually) about privacy and site registration.
Mr David Hurst from Cintel Inc. called me to point out (very graciously,
considering) that of course the "Cintel.com" web site has *nothing*
whatever to do with Cintel Ltd. or Cintel Inc.

So... I absolutely owe the *real* Cintel people a grovelling apology, which
is hereby unreservedly offered for any embarrasment which may have been

The obvious question: who the hell are these "Cintel.com" jokers? The
corporate typography is even *similar* to our very own manufacturers of
telecines and filmic devices. This is a site which appears to be nothing
more than an attempt to confuse people.
I received mail from somebody called Philip Van Gelder at "cintel.com"
which I reproduce below for the curious, together with my reply:

>>> I have to tell you that I VERY STRENUOUSLY OBJECT to having to
>>> register to see a fucking web site!

"Philip at cintel.com" said:

>>You don't have to fucking register if you don't want to

>Your web site doesnt give me the option. Who the hell are you people
>anyway? You are nothing to do with Cintel >Inc or Cintel Limited. Why are
>you using their name?? And by the way I still think it is not only an
>invasion of >privacy, but you guys are out to mess up legitimate business

>I'm still pissed!

>Mike Orton

So, fellow TIG'rs, the mystery deepens. The first time joe average gets on
the net looking for Cintel telecine info, he gets sidetracked into some
bogus dealings with somebody in France.

Mr. Hurst (again with commendable restraint) pointed out that Cintel Inc
have a very nice site which has to operate under the "www.cintelinc.com"
banner, because "Cintel.com" is already taken. The Brit end operate under
the "cintel.co.uk" banner, which is a site I had already visited.

I'm still less than thrilled about having to register on web site to find
out whether or not it is associated with a company which has traded under
its own name almost as long as I've been alive!

As ever, I raise my glass to you all..

Mike O.

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