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Synch questions using a 7030.

I have a few questions concerning sound synch after material has been
telecined. The sound has been recorded on DAT at 30fps. I need to pulldown
the audio for synch after my film (shot at 24fps) has been telecined to
NTSC at 29.97NDF. TI need to pulldown the audio for synch. I'm using sonic
solutions. Should the pulldown be done at the DAT player (a 7030) or in my
computer? I know that the 7030 can be slowed down at -0.1% and I know that
it can also use the TC reference as 29.97NDF. If doing the puldown on my
DAT, which one should I use? Or should I forget about the pulldown on my
DAT and just do it on sonic by recording at a higher sample rate and then
just playing at normal speed?

Thanks a lot, any replys, feedbacks or addresses of documents will be very


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