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More on monitors

Here's some further musing about monitors.  It seems to me that no matter
how popular or well designed  our Standard Def Broadcast monitors are there
are certain things they just can't do and those things are important. My
current squabble was the reason for my recent posting about monitors.  I
find that there isn't a monitor made that can give uniform color
temperature tracking over the full range of brightness values.  Now
wouldn't you think that would be important?  So far in my discussions with
two of the major manufacturers I have had different responses to this
concern.  Manufacturer "A" has outright told me that "that's the way it is,
and the only people who are even remotely concerned about this are you
telecine guys.  Why, I've only heard 2 complaints in the last 3 years about
this.  We are not going to fix it".  Whoa!!! what a stigma, to be lumped in
with the bad telecine boys!!!

Manufacturer "B" saw the problem a few years ago and went back to the
factory and came up with a mod to linearize the tracking difference between
the 3 guns.  The mod didn't actually work very well but at least they
tried. They have promised to work on it further until they get it right.

Mu concern here is that we all use these classes of monitors to visually
inspect the image.  How many of you have noticed that most monitors can be
set for correct color temperature at 2 points on the grey scale, say at 30
IRE and 80 IRE, but will diverge from that setting in the in-between
levels?  Type "A" goes Blue, Type "B" goes Green.  Now isn't that important?

Enough out of this opinionated telecine guy.

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