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RE:More on Monitors

>I would be interested in how you came up with the percentage numbers in
>your measurements. Could you please explain?
>Jim Mendrala

The numbers that I use for the Minolta are x and y are 313 and 329 at 20
IRE, 50 IRE and 100 IRE on a gray square (for 6500 K).  I strive for a
deviaton less than one half of one percent of these numbers.  The 20 and 50
IRE are usually right on, while the 100 IRE shows the deviation. The
alternative is to make 100 IRE white correct and 20IRE black correct, but
then tracking accross the gray scale between shows the error, thus adversely
affecting skin tones. When THX evaluates rooms for their approval, they
measure at the back of the room with a specialized sensor, and are looking
for no more than two percent deviation from those numbers.  By making the
monitor track with less than one percent deviation, I have had success
meeting or exceeding their spec.  

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