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Re: More on monitors

In a message dated 98-02-26 12:26:05 EST, Craig Nichols wrote:

<< Dave Corbitt wrote about monitor manufacturers....
 >(the manufactuers say) Why, I've only heard 2 complaints in the last 3
 years >about this.  We are not going to fix it". 
 One of the complaints may have been mine.  It never ceases to amaze me how
 often I hear "But nobody else seems to have this problem". Yet when you talk
 to others, you find you are not alone in your criticism of the product, >>

Gee, I thought I was the other complainant Dave was saying the monitor
manufacturer referred to!  Of the last four monitors we've bought from Brand-
Y, four went back on exchange.  Some of the replacements have had to be
exchanged again.  We can usually get them to track tolerably well over the
full brightness range when new, but it gets to be a really miserable
proposition after they've got some time on them.  Presumably the cathodes age
to the point where tracking becomes a lost cause after a year or two.

At last year's NAB, I confronted the Brand-Y guys about their aparent lack of
consistency and quality, and they actually said that maybe the real problem
was that our expectations were too high and they just couldn't make a monitor
good enough for us.  Shut up and take what we get or go somewhere else!   

If this is how things stand with SDTV monitoring, I can hardly wait to see
what they expect us to monitor HDTV on!

Best regards,
Christopher Bacon
(not affiliated with any equipment manufacturers)

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