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TWiGi Ursa Auto alignment Change.


I have been thinking that it is time for Cintel to make some changes to the
auto alignment software on the Ursa's with TWiGi fitted.

From what I remember from the Ursa training course, when the Ursa does an
auto alignment it takes 64 samples from each X-Y Scan position and then
writes an average of this into the shading ram. This was most likely done
to try an improve the quality of the auto alignment, but TWiGi fixes this
in other ways.

It would not be necessary to do this now, and 1, or 2 averaged samples from
each X-Y position should be all that is needed now, as the internal shading
alignment is not trying to correct for tube grain anymore, but is only
fixing long term problems, caused by the spot moving relative to the TWiGi
burn sensors.

If the software could be changed, then the auto alignments could be really
speeded up. The colourists would hate this of course, as I know it is
sometimes the only break you get between jobs, but it is a pain when fining
the thing, or when you are in a hurry. I thought about sending this email
to Cintel, but decided it might be better to put the idea to the TIG
engineers first, so see if there is something I am missing here.

What do you guys think?


Grant Petty
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