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Re: colorist, Barcelona, Spain

	I'm amazed to see so many companies buying telecines without thinking
first of getting a good colorist then build together a telecine department,
well, that's the way it should be, this is for managers and there are some
on this list. Thinking we are just technicians driving a machine shows a
complete ignorance of the telecine world. A colorist is probably the most
difficult person to get in post-production, after so many years of being
considered like technicians I am happy to see how respected we are now.
There was a very interesting article in Shots a few months ago called
"personal touch" about graphic and telecine artists, they were saying that
even advertising agencies are realizing that the most important are the
guys behind the machine, the journalist concluded "but they have always
been,  haven't they ?"

	Jean-Clement Soret

> From: Rob Lingelbach <rob at alegria.com>
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> Subject: colorist, Barcelona, Spain
> Date: 26 February 1998 07:33
> La Truka, empresa de post produccion de Barcelona, Espana, busca
> para trabajar en s u sala Spirit,

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