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TLC 2 - Hard record feature

I am still confused about the "Hard record mode" on the
TLC 2.

Since certain editorials request that time code on their
dailies has to be changed with every camera roll, excessive
time code changes, especially when short ends where used,
are the result (running 6 vtr's simul..).

While I still haven't figured out why those editorials can't
handle the footage with continuous time code throughout a
tape (seem's to work fine for feature films), I was
wondering how I could format multiple VTR's from the TLC (my
assistant would be willing to buy me a couple of beers for

Has anyone figured that out for, let's say, a BVU 950?

According to the TLC manual, that should work with "hard
record" once the vtr's are in PRESET - right or wrong?

- Kay.

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