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>Kay Wrote<
 > While I still haven't figured out why those editorials can't
 >handle the footage with continuous time code throughout a
 >tape (seem's to work fine for feature films), I was
 >wondering how I could format multiple VTR's from the TLC (my
 >assistant would be willing to buy me a couple of beers for
 >Has anyone figured that out for, let's say, a BVU 950?


Its funny you mention the 950 cause all though its been a few years since I
attemped what you are doing the 950 never allowed a new preset time code
assembled on to existing control track (even in local). My only recoarse was to
use a Grey or the like rack mount time code generator with the 950 and if need
be the other machines in external to recieve the new TC# generators feed. You
could TLC all the machines by setting the in point at the end of your post roll
and when they go into record(with machines in external TC)  start the TC gen
w/the new code. Then after a little base just throw all the machines back in
Internal regen. You probably wont loose CF throwing the machines out of remote
hitting the internal switch then back in remote but it is remotly possible.
This is better then hard record since you would never break control track.
Although you will get a few frames of dead code at the edit point depending on
how quick your beer suppling assistant is on the trigger!

Hope this helps,

Larry Gibbs
HD Telecine Center
Universal Studios 

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