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TLC 2 - Hard record feature

The Hard Record Mode of the TLC is available in all TLC systems.  It was intended for just such a 
purpose, format multiple VTRs with a given timecode from the console.  For this to work properly, 
however, the VTR must be in "Preset TC Generator" mode in order to accept the timecode start 
times.  These times must be set via the TLC Edit In Point and you are prompted as to either Drop 
or Non-Drop code.  Once the new timecode is started, you must place the VTR back into "Regen TC 
Generator" mode or subsequent assemble edits may not properly format the VITC or LTC.  A few 
machines will do this automatically, but most will require assistance at the VTR.  It may be that 
switching the "Preset/Regen" switch a few times over punching manual numbers on each deck is worth 
a couple of beers.

Regards, Gary Adams

Thanks to Avtek Systems for support in 1998.
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