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the TIG NAB Focus Sheet is woefully incomplete.  I've received
information only from the following manufacturers:

Digital Vision		
Options International	
Ross Video	
Snell & Wilcox
Tube Enhancement Inc.	
VAS Group	

...missing in action are Cintel, Philips, Pandora, and others.

The TIG NAB Focus Sheet is a very brief, focused 'hit list' of
items of interest at NAB in 1998, mailed out to everyone in the TIG
at the beginning of April.  First draft posted two weeks ago, second
draft before the end of March, final version first week of April.

any manufacturers not included are urged to contact me with product
details (don't post on the TIG please).

thank you.

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Thanks to CB Gaines for support in 1998..
No product marketing allowed on the main TIG.  Contact rob at alegria.com
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