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Re: class n'bash

Rob Lingelbach wrote:

> I hereby invoke, for the second time this year, Rob's rule of
> redundant relevance:
> "Anyone making a suggestion on the TIG that involves more work for me
> is hereby volunteering to do that same work."
> Phil Voss, and Mike Orton, you are hereby charged with concocting said
> "alternatives guide" which I will manage in distribution.
> --Rob
> TIG Admin

Although I certainly understand the rule of redundant relevance, Rob, and I
would be happy to take the time to help concoct an NAB "alternatives guide", I
am hardly qualified to do so.  You see, I've never been to NAB, in fact this
year will be my first.  If anyone with more knowledge of NAB "after dark" would
come forward with suggestions of parties , etc., I'd be glad to organize them
into a readable document to distribute on the TIG.

Phil Voss

Thanks to CB Gaines for support in 1998..
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