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Re: Custom Curves

	Hi all,

	I am a bit disappointed, there hasn't been almost any comments on the
subject of gamma curves apart from M.Euredjian who raised many good points.
If you don't want to get hard white or black clipping in order to look
filmic, what is left to work on the contrast of the image ? Gamma curve is
the only answer. I think this is a crucial point in creative telecine,
manipulating gamma curves gives you an extremely wide range of "looks",
just one thing is "forbidden" : when your curve is going down because
solarization effects happen (rarely wanted). I must say sometimes I would
like to have a DaVinci with my DCP (oops! sorry Pandora) but frankly I
would rather have real time gamma curve than dozens of vectors. Why do we
get linear gamma as main primary gamma in all color correctors available
when film doesn't have a linear gamma ?  I am really fed up with linear
gamma it always looks the same, why can't we do like some graphic boxes it
is not too much asking I think. I do hope that among the new toys shown at
NAB some will have magic gamma knobs. Just a few thoughts.


	Jean-Clement "spending too much time on Flame" Soret

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