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Re: Custom Curves

I was also surprised when nobody jumped on the thread.  I think the reality
is that very few colorists use custom curves.  Also, on a DUI system, the
custom curves menus/graphs will come up even if you don't have the option
enabled, leading to more confusion.  A few colorists have told me that "it
doesn't do anything".

I think it's a wonderful tool.  With the 2K color corrector custom curves
will be programmable scene-to-scene.  That will be really neat.  With the
current product you can change curve shapes scene to scene if you want to...
but it requires a little bit of trickery and you are limited to you
pre-defined stored curves.

The only thing I regret is that when you start using custom curves you loose
the conventional gamma control.  It would be nice if you could still have
the conventional gamma control and later on down the processing path custom
curves would kick in.  In this fashion you could still color correct
normally and only when you need custom curves you could layer on the
corresponding correction.  Now that I think about it, that's another 2K
feature because of it's multiple processing layers.

Here's neat example of using custom curves:  Let's say you need to apply a
color wash to an whole sequence, say a black and white shot that needs to
look "old".  So, you are going to make it yellowish.  Well, due to color
perception when you hit brighter images you'll have to add more yellow than
in darker passages.  With custom curves this is a pretty simple task, just
setup your RGB curves to give you plus-yellow with increase gamma input and
the Y curve to no correction (linear).  Then, as you go from scene to scene,
you crank on the gamma control to get just the right amount of a tint.
I think it's neat.

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