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STE & Sony Telecine

Hello everyone,

	This months STE meeting will be held  Thursday March 19th at
The Castaway in Burbank, CA  (it's always the third Thursday of the
month except July and August)

	Luke Freeman from Sony Electronics will be presenting the
technology behind the new telecine.  So here's your chance to hear
about it firsthand and ask some of the pointed questions I've heard
here. I know schedules are difficult, but this should be a very
interesting evening. 

	Rich Torpey reposted a note from Jack Calaway about the SMPTE
meeting the night before STE. Here's a chance to see the first
generation Sony telecine  at the Sony lot on Wednesday, then hear
about the new machine the following night.

	Cocktails are at 6:00pm, Dinner at 6:50pm and the meeting at
7:50pm (usually 8:00). If you plan on attending for dinner, PLEASE
make a reservation by calling George Hamilton  818-840-3607 or send a
fax to 818-840-3246. 

Thanks and hope to see you there,

Bob Bajorek
Society of Television Engineers

Thanks to Howard Sisko for support in 1998..
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