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re: Green Light

Paul Sutton wrote:

...What is important in film scanning is not the color of the light, or
indeed its intensity at any single point in the optical path....

WHAT? I disagree. If you are interested in maximizing the signal/noise
ratio (looking at quiet pictures) on any imaging system, the first place
to start is to maximize the SIGNAL. If the light detector on a given
telecine (or scanner) is a photomultiplier tube, as in many night-vision
scopes, then it seems that the light levels being detected (and noise)
must also be in the night-vision ballpark. Even in the green CRT
telecine world: brighter is better.

I concur on some CRT-over-Xenon bulb arguments. However, it seems
intuitive that more is better when it comes to pumping light through
film during scanning. I think the film-damage threshold is higher than
you imply, if you filter the IR and UV out of the source. Has anyone
found the melt-down level for different 35mm stocks?

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