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Re: Custom Curves

.  A few colorists have told me that "it
> doesn't do anything".

	That's what I experienced last time I had an 888 in my hands, the range is
so limited on DV custom curves (I guess this will make Pandora happy), what
I am saying is that this is a major issue that not one manufacturer  have
seemed to measure the importance of. (I hope this is ok english) 
	The gamma curve of a print, like Martin mentioned, is logarithmic on the
bottom part and exponential on the top part, the funny thing is that when
you make a print of a print which is increasing contrast in film, the curve
stays in the same shape, the limit is when it gets so contrast  that you
just have black and white, no more mid tones, then your curve looks like a
step of a staircase. Why the hell manufacturers have not implemented years
ago such a gamma control in their color correctors ? It is so much better
than black and white level, on top of this you get rid of noise in whites
and grain in blacks, really cool, you get such a more filmic "look" doing
this way. However very often you need to see more details mostly in blacks
that's why a black stretch is useful, the regular gamma does it perfectly
because it stretches as much as it softens the highlights which is at the
moment the only thing we can do, all of you know that, everyday at the
keyboard it is a compromise between soft whites and harsh blacks or the
	Martin are you a colorist or an engineer or a mixture of both ?


	JC Soret

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