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re: Green Light

Malcolm J. Todd wrote:

...I feel that you have missed the point from the original post, thus:
	> The only requirement that matters is that the complete path is
	> matched, and that the detectors have the dynamic range and
sensitivity to
	> capture accurately minute changes in light level

That's EXACTLY the point that I contend! These magical detectors that
possess dynamic range, sensitivity AND ability to sense "minute changes"
in (relatively dim) green CRT light as passed through film WITHOUT
VISIBLE ELECTRONIC NOISE do not exist on any telecine that I have seen
making money. They DO exist in military equipment and very possibly the
Peter Swinson stated that "The only requirement that matters is that the
complete path is accurately matched..."  I agree with that part
whole-heartedly. Given the detectors utilized to date, however, this can
only be done with brighter light. If Peter is suggesting that a CRT is
bright enough, then my guess is he has been watching pictures from the
C-Reality. If that's the implication, then will Cintel offer a
solid-state "cell box" upgrade for an Ursa? Can I buy a

--Same disclaimer as before

Randy Reck
Chief Telecine Engineer
Encore Santa Monica

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