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Re: Green Light

Paul Sutton (Peter Swinson)wrote:
> Kris at Destiny-601 has missed the point I was trying to make.  The output of a CRT is not green light, it is broadband light, albeit with a green bias, just as the Xenon is broadband light with a blue bias....

Hi Peter (and others involved).

I'm not out to "bash" Cintel and might not be knowledgeble enough on
this subject. I'm basing most of my doubts regarding the CRT transfers
on experience in post. We see a lot of problems with especially the blue
channel in material from the Ursa's compared to the Spirit (green is
sort of the same). Is the level of the blue light so much lower than
green that the amplification is the reason for the noise?

Secondly. How would you compare the "correctness" of the 2K C-Reality
output with that of the Klone? You are obviously one of the few persons
who knows.

Kris, Destiny-601, Copenhagen.

Thanks to Casablanca Finish (Sao Paulo) for support in 1998..
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