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Perfectone ROS how to use? (old)

>> Hi everyone,
I apologies if my question is a little out of the list main subject,
I bought an old Perfectone triplex: 1 recorder 2 player for 16mm magperf.
Unfortunatly the man who gave me hasn't any kind of documentation;
as I would like to genlock it whith a video signal and it has a "Pulse gen
in" on
a sort of inverter called Rythm-O-Start I would like to know which kind of
signal it needs; from a hard analysis it seem a 3 phases square or sine
Thanks in advance Matteo Ricchetti <<

The Triplex uses tri-phase and,  from memory,  it is square wave.   The BBC
in the UK used a lot of these machines during the 70's - 80's and I
actually re-installed a suite of them in the early 90's using ex-BBC
equipment.   I have not been near that installation for four or five years
so I don't now have access to the manuals, etc.

The BBC designed a card to generate bi-phase and tri-phase for these
dubbing suites - tri-phase for the Perfs and bi-phase for the Albrecht MB41
projectors which normally accompanied them.   Using this BBC card,  it was
possible to genlock to a video signal.

I would think it is now very difficult to find reliable information on
these machines since they technically became obsolete in the early 80's.  
I was fortunate in my installation that I could call on the memories of
colleagues in the BBC Engineering Department who had installed the machines
in the 70's.

I assume you obtained the power supply transformer as well - the
machines required a 3-phase mains supply which usually required a rather
large and noisy transformer somewhere in the vicinity :-).  Also see if
your supplier had a stock of compliance arm dampers.   These were like gold
dust in the late 80's - early 90's and the machine's wow and flutter
performance is atrocious if the dampers are not in first class condition.  
And a supply of spare relays would help as well.  Some of the relays took a
pounding under normal usage and a drawer full of spares was a normal
requirement :-).

All the best,

Jim Guthrie.
Sprockets & Bytes
Bristol, Denham, Soho, UK.  

  E-mail from: Jim Guthrie, 14-Mar-1998

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