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Re: Custom Curves

>> the range is so limited on DV custom curves
>Help me out here, I don't understand what you mean by limited range.  You
>can take the custom curves controls and turn things upside-down and
>backwards if you want.  Can you give me an example?

From my use of Custom Curves dating back to the 8:8:8 I have found 2 key 

1>  Four control points are not enough in certain cases.

2> The range of the curve should exceed the present 0 to 100 limit.  This 
way you could get a strong white compression to emulate a print, for 

Hopefully these items will be resolved in the 2K.

As far as the inability to have a normal curve and add a custom curve on 
top, you don't have to wait for the 2K.  Do your normal color balance, 
then turn on a power window and make the size larger than the picture 
area.  Put a custom curve inside the window, like a nice print like 
curve.  Now you have layered a custom curve on top of a normal black 
stretch type curve.  

If you have EdWin, you can freeze the window in the frame store in order 
to free up your single Power Window shape to use for some other purpose.

Chris Ryan
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