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Re: Green Light

Christopher Bacon wrote:

>>Unless the splitter and filters are optimized for the film being
transferred as well as
the light source, there isn't much point in worrying about anything else.
Consequently, it appears that telecines which only have one set of filters
a light source of only one color spectrum are more limited in the range of
film stocks and images they can handle before the signal-to-noise ratio
into the dumps.

Best regards,
Christopher Bacon<<

Bingo! That's exactly why we have a filter wheel in the Spirit.  We start
with great gobs of light, shape it with the filter wheel to the opposite
characteristic of the dMin base, and end up with matched light levels
falling on the sensors.

This gives us the same signal-to-noise performance in all colors, and with
all filmstocks.

Yours for a brighter future,
Carl Van Camp
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