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Re: Green light

Michael, you just summed up the arguments for/against a broad xenon-like
spectral contribution very succintly. I have only two small additional
contributions to your note:

Peter wrote:
>"Incidentally have you ever seen the effect of exposing a frame of negative
>with a concentrated slit of unfiltered incandescent light from a 150 watt
>lamp, let alone Xenon light. It can take a worryingly short time for the
>magenta layer to start to fade, permanently and irreversibly. "

I should have thought Michael would have nailed Peter on this point right
away. If the film is left in one place with the xenon lamp illuminating the
slit at full-bore for about a month, pure instinct tells me that we *may*
see some changes.
This reminds me of the concern about the capstan on a MkIII deforming and
becoming eccentric if the film was laced up and left for a while. This was
addressed by a simple experiment: Rank Cintel, (as it was at the time),
left some film laced up for a week? the remeasured the capstan for
eccentricity. Nada. I invite some enterprising Spirit owner (how about it ,
BoFes?) to leave some film on the machine over a period of time, and we'll
have some densitometric recordings made.
I'm sorry, but making unsubstantiated claims that the Philips machine
*might* damage film is just hysterical baloney (as they say locally).

By the way, as I understand it, the Xenon lamp on a Spirit goes into a
reduced current mode after a few minutes of stasis, a further reduction in
the probability of damaging film.

Peter also said

"Today's film scanning CRTs are optimised for the best illumination while
protecting the film's dye layers."

Now if this isn't humbug, I dont know what is.. talk about making a virtue
out of necessity....

To sum up, I heartily endorse what Michael said about the two machines. I
happen to think that Philips are further along in their high-resolution
technology at this stage, but Cintel have some neat-o ideas that may add
years to the life of CRT based machines. Roll on NAB.

Oops almost forgot:

Finally, Michael said

" who is brainwashing who here?"

Shouldn't that be " who is brainwashing *whom* here?"

And I always thought those nice Swedes spoke better English than wot I do ;-)
Couldn't resist it, Mike.

Yours aye,

Mike Orton

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