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Re: Custom Curves

	I think Chris Ryan gave you the answers, as for me I am still waiting for
someone to show me a good emulation of a print with custom curves, I am
convinced the tools we have can't do what they should do.

> Help me out here, I don't understand what you mean by limited range.  You
> can take the custom curves controls and turn things upside-down and
> backwards if you want.  Can you give me an example?

	Yes we are talking about the same thing, but the problem is that you have
to work with the same curve since it is not programable in a grading list,
the ideal world would be that you use black and white level to fill your
700mvlts and work on the contrast with the curve: not possible today.

> Are you talking about a gamma control that increases contrast nonlinearly
> blacks and whites while leaving everything else alone?
> If that's what you want custom curves will do it

	My cristal ball told me the same thing about these amazing things :-)  In
any case good luck and welcome to the most creative part of
post-production, you seem to have a good future in this business by judging
of your understanding of telecine.

>I am also working towards
> transitioning into Coloring.  One of the main driving forces behind this
> my interest in all of the new technologies around the corner: 
> and Film resolution work.  I think amazing things are going to start
> happening in the Telecine environment in the next few years

	Jean-Clement Soret

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