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Seeing the world in a different light!

Hello all,

        I've been following all these recent postings and believed I might
like to offer up some interesting insight.
        I'm going to leave the quotes out per our administrators request.
All who have followed along will understand. Those who need research. Go
get it  at  http://www.alegria.com/telecine/hypermail/1997/ and 1998/

        A year ago many of us were just staring out with the Spirit. Quite
a few got themselves Diamonds or upgrades. And the discussions ensued.

        What know one on this list with extensive Cintel backgrounds can
dispute is that the tube based system has certainly come along way. We've
seen improvements from tube tech. to front end overhaul.
        Remember the ability of variable micro amps via dial on the MKIII.
Or how about a shading board on the extender and we're making adjustments
scene by scene. All gone, but so are some of the benefits they imparted!
        All this has still left us with relatively fixed (2 speeds) of
light value. And an improper light spectrum at the front end for the
correct reproduction of film based images into a bit streamed world.
        Yes, I opinionated.
        You will see strong opinions from all Spirit drivers out there on
the circuit last year. We've been driving these damn HOT RODS through all
the twists and turns of a well engineered track.

        And the key to driving this MACHINE is the light source, the
intensity control thereof, and the proper filtering of...
        Driving this machine is a pleasure. Here in Dallas I quite honestly
see a much more diversified level of negative. In other words, I tend to
see it all with more regularity here. And the ability to control the light
source has been KEY to saving some shots.

        In reading the responses to the shoot-out at SMA I only noticed a
couple of mentions of John's recommended adjustment of the light source as
a step.
        Damn man, ya'll had the fish lip hooked. Ya just needed to keep
your rod tips up.

        The optics on the Spirit were designed and built to exacting
specifications by a company with exceptional imaging technology. Thank you
George Eastman.
        The design and implementation of the optics into a world class
processing device was accomplished by the worlds second largest Electronics
        A couple of REALLY big fish.

        It is my sincere hope that the C-Reality will deliver what I would
refer to as a box of single size large bandages.
        One big fix. Like the Spirit is.

        If not then we can count on the fact that given a track record of
the past. You're going to end up with one of those assorted size boxes
ready to accommodate multiple hook sets in your thumb!

        Come follow the LIGHT.

        I am not paid by any manufacturer direct. However, I could use a
Bass boat!

        I must admit at this time that I bought stock in PHG last year.
Damn if I didn't take a ride. Breaking the surface over and over. Then in
October she took to deep water. Thought I'd lost her for a while. But I
stuck with her. She's now breaking the surface again and I vow to keep the

        By the way, if you think I bought the stock, because I drive a
Spirit, you need better investment counseling. And if Rob thinks this is a
violation then he and I will chat I'm sure.

        Everybody have a great day and see ya at the show.


" If you're not dangling a line, and wetting a hook.
        You're not going to catch a fish."

M. Drew Marsh
The Funnel
aka. Dir. Of Telecine Sercices
The Filmworkers Club/Dallas
w. 214-754-9333  drewfish at netgazer.net

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