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A great response.

        To All,

        I wanted to recite a recent example, for me, on how effective the
TIG and its readership is to this corner of the world.

        I posted a message a couple of months ago about my thoughts after a
year of the Spirit. Within this message, I challenged the  manufacturers of
controllers to step forward and address there issues. This was done
intentionally, within this forum. We'll call it fishing on a crowded dock.
        I wanted to let you know that the results of the catch are in.
        And da vinci has stepped up to the scales with impressive results.
        All the issues that I was dealing with were addressed immediately.
Allot of patience and determination paid off.
        I just spent most of sat. and sun. with Dwaine Maggart of
da vinci, Carl Van Camp of Philips, Chris Doros of FWC/D and a couple of
real nice-determined, but tired Germans. This was not the first weekend
that we have met since my org. posting. Nor do I wish it to be the last.

        da vinci has stepped it up and made good. I've got to give them at
least 5 bent rods for this one.

        Thank you to:
        Michael Arbuthnot, Dave Catts, Peter Glasmann and Jennifer at the
factory, all of which are with da vinci.
        Steve Russel, Carl Van Camp, Uwe Brahler and all the Engineers with

        I am indeed tipping a nice Canadian Pilsener to you now.

        Tomorrow brings a new day with the Spirit- and a da vinci that now
knows how to control it.
        Driver not optional!

        Wish us luck.

        I do not work for any of the above. However, they sure worked good
with us.
        Compensation could be arranged by way of upgrade path to the 2K
controller or a Bass boat. Whichever is cheaper..  :)


Any mis-spelling of names stands awaiting of the correction.

" If you're not dangling a line, and wetting a hook.
        You're not going to catch a fish."

M. Drew Marsh
The Funnel
aka. Dir. Of Telecine Sercices
The Filmworkers Club/Dallas
w. 214-754-9333  drewfish at netgazer.net

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