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More Green light

Mike Orton wrote:

>  I invite some enterprising Spirit owner (how about it ,
> BoFes?) to leave some film on the machine over a period of
> time, and we'll
> have some densitometric recordings made.

Well the thought of leaving our Spirit sitting idle is a bit
disheartening by itself, but the light output shuts off very
quickly (6 secs.?) and the image stays in the store
indefinitely.  I'll point to Seamus' quote about the unpotential
of Spirit based film damage:

> Also, as Spirit users already know, the design of the machine requires
> that the lamp is only on when the film is in motion and thus any single
> frame is within the  "concentrated slit of light "  for a 24th or 25th of a second.

I recently noticed a small flicker problem on my Spirit #43. It
was due to having three layers of black Fagal stockings over the
objective lens assembly. A 15 minute bulb change rectified the
aging bulb issue, but isn't it nice to know that you can cripple
the light path with all that diffusion garbage and still pass
rich imagery through the gate. Anyone who thinks the Spirit is
too sharp has got to see this technique.


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