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Thankz to the several people that gave me the Media 100 web site address. I
registered myself for a seminar. Hopefully I can get some extensive classes on
 Secondly, since y'all are Telecine' Operators and Technicians, I was
wondering, is there any thing of reasonalbe price, decent quality and
operational capabilities that is not as low as an Elmo (CCD) film-to-tape and
not as high as an ADS-II? The people I work for are as cheap as the dickens
and want us to make SX masters from 16mm  prints and OEK's.  The latter I
refuse to do unless they accompany each  (OEK) with a Release of
Responsibility that if the film jumps sproket, I wont be held responsible. If
there is anything else I'd like to present it to me super.'s and see what

							Thankz for all your help.

							Jay Donenfeld

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