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Sony Telecines


Some info to add to the Sony Telecine discussion of the past and into
the future especially with NAB upon us and the demo of not one but two
"SONY" telecines at Las Vegas

Go back about five years with the opening of the Sony HD center on the
Sony (Columbia)film lot.  Of course for us LA people, we will always
call this the MGM lot where all the great films of yesterday were made. 
If you get a chance to visit, do so and see the results of several
hundred million dollars spent on building and surrounding improvements. 
It is truly the most "impressive film facility" in Hollywood mixing the
old with the new.

But back to the subject of this post.  John Galt and the others at Sony
HD saw the need for a HD telecine.  They had the Sony Atsugi facility
(this is where all the broadcast equipment is mfg.) make them a
telecine.  This unit uses a adapted HD live camera and a Sieki projector
movement.  It is pin registered and has been in use now for 3 or 4
years.  This is the telecine that almost all of the recent
Columbia-Tristar features film for VHS. Laserdisc and DVD have been
transfered on in HDTV and then down converted for 525 and I suspose for
625 also.

This year they had Cinema Products of Los Angeles build them a new film
transport utilizing the work from the Showscan projector and adding pin
registration.  It also uses a modified live HD camera.  Both of these
telecines have light sources much like film printers and can strobe the
light I believe to expose the CCD cameras.  This "Sony" telecine can be
seen in the Cinema Products booth at NAB.

For some more information on the telecine and Light source technology
used in these units go to    http://www.ibm.com/patents   
And search on John Galt and James Pearlman for inventors.

Now for another Atsugi built telecine.  Shown first at ITS last year and
at IBC last year the new telecine will be at NAB for the first time in
April.  This is the telecine that most of the recent questions, comments
and speculation has been about.

Don't forget there are now 3 SONY Telecines that persons refer to.
This Wed. evening (March 18) Sony will have an open house for the
Hollywood SMPTE section meeting and show these first two telecines and
other impressive things.

But because reservations are needed and they are fully booked I talked
to John Galt and with a little verbal arm twisting he has agreed to host
a TIG get together at Sony after NAB and spend an expanded time showing
and talking about these telecines and the ideas behind them.  Not sure
it can be as "wet" as a London gathering but maybe.  Also maybe Luke
Freeman, product mgr. for the Newest Sony Telecine, can join in.

Now just a reminder.....Thursday Evening, March 19, 1998 Luke Freeman of
Sony will preview his presentation that he will have at NAB on this new
3rd Sony telecine.  This will be at STE (Society of Television
Engineers), a LA group founded in 1941.  Bob Bajorek, the current
president, posted an  inviation last week on the TIG.  See this posting
for details.  Reservations only needed for dinner.  No limit on the
number who may attend and there is a bar so TIG members come to Burbank
on Thursday.

Drop your line in and "go fishing"....or whatever Drew Marsh would say.

So Friday, all the TIG Members that attend STE may post the "true Scoop"
on the New telecine from Sony.

See you there....Regards, Bill Hogan

Not affiliated with Sony....only information gathered from visiting Sony
HD Center and information from those there.

Bill Hogan    bhogan at sprocketdig.com	v.818-566-7700
Sprocket Digital	Burbank,CA		f.818-566-4477

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