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TIG state, NAB, appeal, etc.

Hopefully, soon, the TIG webpages and mailinglist will enter a new
phase-- connection speed will more than double, from 56k to 128k
partial T1.  If I can put the economic puzzle together (i.e. it's not
inexpensive) there will be real gains in net performance.  Presently,
accesses of the voluminous TIG archive indices, for example, which
each are 300k or larger, bottleneck the server performance
substantially.  Mailinglist performance is not too much of an issue--
email is essentially non-realtime-- but for another example, I've seen
what happens when a large file is downloaded from the webserver and a
message (or two) hits the mailinglist server: it's quite a squeeze.

I'd like to thank all companies and individuals who have contributed
funds to the TIG in the past --there is a real sense of community
among us.  (http://www.alegria.com/tig3/supporting.html)

The following is from Donna at Options International and addresses the
NAB goldfish bowl issue.

----begin forwarded message from optionspj at aol.com----

We made an offer to Rob to have a TIG donation box on our NAB booth
again this year, as well as at the Telecine Fun Night.  Being the
person he is, he was reluctant to agree to this as he doesn't want his
peers to feel pressured in this regard... but, after a bit of nudging,
he did relent to our offer.  Thus, we wanted to do a brief mention
about having the TIG donation box available.  Most of us, within the
USA, already contribute directly to the TIG on an annual basis.
However, for industry friends in other parts of the world...  it is a
bit more difficult.  Perhaps this will make it more convenient.
Although it is preferred that donations are in USA dollars... pound
sterling, pesos, lire, yen, etc. will gladly be accepted in the TIG's
behalf.  We also suggest that if making a donation... that you include
your name (business card is preferrable) so that Rob will know who
actually contributed during NAB and at the party.  Please be assured
that we will ensure he gets all contribution immediately following the
show.  I think we all concur that Rob provides us telecine types with
an invaluable forum... but, one that is quite time consuming and
costly for him personally.

-------end of forwarded message from optionspj at aol.com---

Donna wanted to mention as well that this Friday, March 20, is the
deadline for the Tweaker award votes.  If you haven't seen the details
on this they are available at:


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Thanks to Complete Post L.A. for supporting the TIG in 1998..
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